002 The World Behind The Moon

“Two Intrepid Earth-Men Fight It Out with the Horrific Monsters of Zeud’s Frightful Jungles.”

This week’s story is “The World Behind The Moon” by Paul Ernst
Read by Adam Tagarro

Licensing and Copyright Information
All music and sound effects featured on this episode are original, created by me. This story is not covered by copyright, as it is in the Public Domain: https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/30452 (Bibrec tab)

001 Creatures of the Light

“He had striven to perfect the faultless man of the future, and had succeeded—too well. For in the pitilessly cold eyes of Adam, his super-human creation, Dr. Mundson saw only contempt—and annihilation—for the human race.”

This week’s story is “Creatures of the Light” by Sophie Wenzel Ellis, Read by Adam Tagarro.

Licensing and Copyright Information
– The content in this podcast is copyright-free, in the Public Domain: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/28617 (Bibrec tab)
– All music and sound effects featured on this episode are original

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